The number of people who pay interest to grow succulents is increasing as people do have nothing interesting to do. Nowadays, succulents have become the favorite plants both for indoor and outdoor gardens and landscapes.  


These plants are very easy to maintain as they do not require regular watering and sunlight. The San Angelo landscaping is able to give you helpful advice and tips on how to use these plants for a nicer and better-looking landscape. They are very cute, and they provide different textures, shapes, and colors.  




So, this article is dedicated to giving you some basic information about succulents that will aid you when you choose to pick these plants for your indoor and outdoor garden.  


1.They came from dry, desert regions 

These plants are very popular for their ability to hold water in their stems for a longer time, making them very resistant to dehydration. Do you wonder how they become like this? Succulents, like cacti, have evolved with this kind of ability because they originally come from deserted regions like Africa where rainfall is rare and hot summer always persists in the place.  


2.They offer different colors 

Succulents are varied when it comes to textures as well as colors. While the color green is the prominent color, other colors such as red, pink, orange, purple, and blue are present! This is also the very reason why succulents are among the favorite plants for the garden.  


3.There are many species and variations of succulents 

Succulents, as we mentioned, have different varieties, which also make them different when it comes to sizes, colors, and textures. There are an estimated 60 different plant families that have succulents including Xanthorrhoeaceae (which is also home to aloe vera) and Cactaceae (cacti).  


4.their name is in referenced to their thick, sap=filled leave 

The term “succulents” comes from the Latin word “sucus,” which means sap or juice. This is referred to their leaves and stem (both can be interchangeably used) that collect and store water to sustain itself. Because their stem is filled with sap and water, the plant has enough water source that makes it different from the rest of the plants in your garden. 


5.They are resistant to pests 

Plants normally need herbicide especially when you plant them outside. Maintenance of normal plants can be a little bit expensive and costly. When you opt for succulents, you will never have to worry about damage and issues caused by pests as they are resistant to them. They are less susceptible to spider mites, fungus gnats, woolly aphids, mealybugs, which are the common issues for plants indoor.  


6.You can propagate succulents by cutting them 

All you need to do is to sniff off a leaf, let it dry, and plant it in dirt and a little bit of water. In this way, you will grow a new plant from the old.  


7.Cacti and succulents should not be used interchangeably 

Cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. What makes a cactus a cactus are the thorns surrounding its body and stems. Not all succulents have a thorn, so basically, not all succulents are cacti.