On a global scale, 37% of drivers admitted to falling asleep at least once while driving. While this might sound scary and dangerous, imagine if the car is something with a size enough to cause huge casualties on the road.

If you are working in a towing company as a driver, you know how difficult it is to maneuver a vehicle as big as a truck. You also know that fatigue is one of the brutal enemies drivers have on the road, and it is something that should not be taken lightly.

Of course, it is understandable to feel tired after long hours of driving. But it is still your responsibility to equip yourself and avoid accidents. The following are the tips for staying awake.

1.Get enough sleep or at least take some short naps

Sleeping gives you rest, and rest is critically important to keep you energetic throughout the day. The recommended time for sleeping is from seven to eight hours. A well-rested driver is more alert and aware of what is happening on the road; otherwise, there could be potential issues that may be ignored.

If you cannot get at least seven hours of sleep every day, it is important that you take some short naps within 20 to 45 minutes each. This will keep your body awake. If after waking up, your body wants to fall back to sleep, doing physical activities or walking can help your body be awake. However, it is important to remember that naps are not a substitute for rest. A full deep sleep is what your body needs.

2.Get a coffee

When you have low energy, a cup of coffee might help boost your energy up. This is due to the caffeine which acts as a good stimulant to help you stay awake. However, again, this should not be an alternative to good rest.

3.Breathe some fresh air

When you are on the road and you have been locked in your vehicle for longer hours, it is recommended that you take a break by letting outside air get into the car. This can awaken your senses.

4.Listen to Music

By music, I am referring to upbeat music that will keep you alive in the car. Listening to upbeat songs while singing along can help stimulate the brain, keeping you awake. Another alternative to this is to listen to audiobooks and entertain yourself with stories rather than dozing off.

5.Eat healthy meals

The food that you eat also contributes to how energetic you will be. We recommend that you eat a food that is packed with energy as well as other important nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin B. When you eat healthy foods, you are reducing the chances of sleep disturbances and provide you with energy.

6.Drink water

You feel weaker when you are dehydrated as this can cause fatigue and drowsiness. When you have taken caffeine, it is good to drink some glasses of water too to keep your cells rehydrated.

Final Thoughts

It is important as a driver to take care of ourselves when we are on the road especially when customers and clients rely on the help we can provide.