The Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan, Inc. is an organization dedicated to promoting the BEAUTY, BRAINS & BIRDSENSE in our black and tan gordon setters!

Nodrog to host the 2004 Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.
National Championship & Field Trial
Ionia, Michigan
October 20-24, 2004

Our club was organized in 1983, and for 12 years we operated as an area committee of the gordon setter national or “parent club,” the Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.  In 1996, the Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan was officially licensed as a fully independent organization by the American Kennel Club, but we continue to maintain close ties to GSCA.

We annually host 2 AKC field trials, 2-3 AKC hunt tests, an independent specialty show with obedience trial, and a number of educational and ” fun events,” including a yearly eye exam and heartworm clinic, a junior handling seminar, and some kind of “fun day” each summer.

We are especially proud of our gordon setter rescue program.  We place an average of 5-7 dogs annually in new homes. We are always looking for potential foster families as well as folks willing to adopt.  We also have an active breeder referral program which matches prospective owners with responsible breeders of puppies and adult dogs.

At present, we have approximately 100 members, most of whom reside in Michigan, but we also have members in Ontario, New York, California, Ohio, and Minnesota. Membership is open to all interested gordon fanciers, but Michigan residents will benefit most from club membership since all club events and activities are held in Michigan.

Please take some time and sniff around our website. Things are always changing around here as we get more and more information on-line, so please check back often!! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact any one of our club officers or committee members.

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